Monday, April 13, 2009

Is there relation between fighting acne and food?

We can't say that there is certain food can truly prevent acne,but there are some foods help to reduce acne,good diet help to reduce acne.
To treat acne problems we need:(anti inflammatory,antibiotic,anti oxidants,vitamins , minerals and water)
so how we take these things from food(orally)?
1.foods which has anti inflammatory properties:1.essential fatty acids in oily fish, nuts,olive oil 2.garlic3.ginger4.whole grain cereals.
2.foods which has antibacterial properties(act as antibiotic):
onion,garlic,ginger,broccoli,red and green cabbage.
3.vitamins:1.vit A we find vit A in carrot, cabbage broccoli,pumpkin,apricot,egg and dairy products. 2.vit E in almonds,oats,green vegetables,whole grain cereals 3.vit c in lemon, orange,kiwi,tomato,broccoli...4.vit B complex in meat,whole grain cereals,beans..5.beta carotene in carrot,broccoli,grape fruits.
4.antioxidant:it acts as blood cleansing as it get rid of toxins.vit C,E,A and selenium are antioxidants.
5.minerals:1.ZINC :zinc is very important for skin health,wound healing and regulate activity of sebum.zinc is found in nuts,redmeat,pumpkin,sea food,wheat germ and dairy products.2.selenium:in yeast,nuts,onion,fish and turkey.
6.water:water is very important in treating all skin problems such as acne as it flushes toxins out of the body and hydrate the skin and the body.

To fight acne:
1.balanced and healthy diet
2.treat your face gently and clean it well with good soap to prevent oil from getting trapped in pores.
3. decrease fried foods and increase cleansing foods
4.drink plenty of water.
5.appropriate medication.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ideas about decreasing fats in our diet.

There are simple things we can do to decrease fats in our diet:
1.decrease intake of fried foods and and increase intake of grilled,baked foods .
2.skimmed or semi skimmed milk ,low fat cheeses , low fat youhurt and low fat spreads can be used instead of whole fat diet.
3.poultry(skinless chicken and turkey),lean meat and plenty of fish (especially the oily fish such as tuna ,salamon and mackerel which are high in polyunsaturated fat)should be eaten.
4.if we make soup it is good to refrigerate it so fat will rise to the top then we can skim fat off before reheating.

If over weight both saturated fat intake and unsaturated fat intake should be cut down since unsaturated fats are not low in calories.

Friday, April 3, 2009

What we should know about fat?

There are many types of fats. (saturated,unsaturated <mono and poly unsaturated>and trans fats)the difference between them relates to the chemical structure of the fatty acids in each one of them.all of fats and oil contain certain percent of saturated or unsaturated fats so if the percent of saturated fats increase so it is saturated fat and if the percent of the monounsaturated increases so it is mono unsaturated fat.
saturated fat:
1. raises blood cholestrol levels is mostly of animal origin like butter and some of plant origin as palm and coconut oil. is solid at room temperature and has high melting point.
unsaturated fat :

1.tends to lower blood cholestrol.
2.found mainly in vegetable or plant oils is liquid at room temperature and has low melting point.

example of monounsaturated fats:olive oil.
examples of polyunsaturated fat
are sunflower oil and fish oil.
We should know that a product is a vegetable oil doesn't mean that it contains unsaturated fat,what this means?
coconut oil is a plant oil but it is very high in saturated fat.
palm oil is 50% saturated but appears to have little influence on cholestrol levels.

Trans fats:1. are engineeered from liquid oils through hydrogenation so they have been altered chemically to act like saturated fats.
2.trans fats raise cholestrol and can cause atherosclerosis.
80% of trans fats come from processed foods and 20% occur naturally in meat and dairy products.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Water.. the secret of life

Water is the most vital nutrient in our life.It is considered as the second essential thing for life after oxygen.Our body is made of 75% water
Benefits of water:
1.For brain:Lack of water decreases the activity of brain and makes the body feels tired.
2.For skin:water keeps the skin soft and healthy.
3.Water lubricates the joints.
4.Water helps to lose weight:by boosting metabolism rate and by reducing appetite.
5.Water encourages proper kidney function ,prevents kidney stones and decreases urinary tract infection.
6.water is good for transportation of nutrients,vitamins and enzymes.
7.water maintains proper digestion and decreases constipation but water shouldn't be taken while eating as water will dilute digestive juices and make them get out of stomach which will cause impairment of digestion so water should be taken half an hour before meals.
8. water regulates body temperature.
lack of waterwill lead to other diseases as arthritis and asthma.So we should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily,water is realy the secret of life.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What do you know about fat burning foods?(Part 2)

3.The third group of the fat burning foods is the dairy group:it consists of calcium rich foods
as low and non fat milk ,low fat yoghurt and low fat cheese as they increase fat break down in fat cells themselves.
4.Capsaicin containing group:this group burns fat and increases metabolism through thermodynamic burn that lasts hour after eating(patients suffering from stomach ulcer or any colon problems shouldn't eat food containg capsaicin )
5.Essential fatty acids:examples of them are salmon and tuna ,if you fish regularly this will lowers leptinwhich slowers metabolism.
6.Garlic,ginger and cinnamon:
garlic Keeps insulin at alow levels to maximize fat burning.
ginger increases body heat so it burns fat and increases metabolism.
cinnamon:helps your body to metabolise sugar 20 times faster so this burns more fat.
7.water then water... water burns fat and increases metabolism.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What do you know about fat burning foods?(PART 1)

To lose your weight you have to burn more calories than you consume,this can be done by 2ways together:
1.The first one is to eat negative calorie foods or fat burning foods.
2.The second way is to activate yourself by some daily exercise in the form of walking,running....,..(not less than 20 to 30 minutes daily).
WHAT IS FAT BURNING FOODS?They are foods that burn more calories than the calorie content of the food itself.
The fat burning foods fall into 7basic groups:
1.Citrus group:This group is rich in vitamin C,examples of citrus food;lemon,orange,guava,tangerines and grapefruit. Vitamin C dilutes fats and so it reduces fat's effectivness then releases fats from the body .So try to add lemon to water or increase your intake of citrus juices and fruits.
2.Vegetables and fruits rich in cellulose:This group includes..carrots,broccli,cabbage, asparagus,watermelon,
apple,blueberries.This group will give you a feeling of fullness causing you to eat small quantities at regular meals,also this group will reduce cholestrol,for example apple is rich in pectin which restricts the cells to absorb fat and encourages water absorption which helps to exit fat deposits from the body.
Also banana is rich in potassium which boosts metabolism and regulates the body's water balance,soybean also rich in lecithin which protects cells from fat accumulation.

other groups will be in part 2 tomorrow.

Monday, March 9, 2009

10 secrets you need to lose your weight.

If your goal is to lose weight,follow these secrets, they will help you..
1.Drink plenty of water,water burns fat,reduces the appetite,increases metabolism and cleans the body from toxins.
2.Eat slowly,that will make you feel that you have got enough food.
3.Eat small frequent meals through out the day,this will make a high rate metabolism.
4.Eat healthy balanced food rich in fibers,proteins,minerals and vitamins.
5.Watch amount of calories you eat.
6.Replace the bad habbits with healthy ones,example for this,replace the usal sugar with natural,no calorie sweetner as stevia,or you can decrease the amount of sugar you consume.
7.Move your body and be more active,walking is a magic exercise also changing the lift with the stairs.
8.Don't eat any heavy meal then sleep,you should separate them with at least 3 to 5 hours.
9.keep yourself busy,so not to think about food too much.
10.Sleep well at the night.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ginseng..the powerful herb Part two.

The second use of ginseng is to increase immune system.
3)Ginseng treats men impotence.
4)Ginseng used in type 2 diabetes.
5)Ginseng increases blood circulation therefore it reduces memory loss due to alzheimer's disease.
6)Ginseng has estrogen like effect so it improves mood and reduce symptoms of menopause.7)ginseng reduces cholestrol and protect against cancer as it contains antioxidants.
Really Ginseng is the king of herbs.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ginseng...the powerful herb ( Part 1)

Ginseng is a genus of 11 species,the true ginseng are two: PANAX GINSENG..which called oriental ginseng(chinese and korean)and PANAX QUINQUEFOLIUS..which called american ginseng.The chinese were the first people to use ginseng and because the
plant root grows to resemble human form they gave a name to ginseng which means for man and plant.
The dried root contains the active ingredient ginsenoside.
USES:1>ADAPTOGENIC herb;this means that ginseng increases the body resistance to stress,anxiety and fatigue.
Ginseng demonstrated an (over all normalizing effect) as the herb contains:1)Ginsenoside Rg1 which stimulate nervous system. 2)Ginsenoside Rb1 which calms nervous system. WE WILL COMPLETE OTHER USES IN PART 2.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stevia...the natural sweetner(2)

.. Stevia leaves contain a lot of nutrients as chromium,selenium,zinc,manganese,
magnesium and vitamin B3.The extract of stevia(steviosides)is high in antioxidants that prevent DNA damage.
Stevia has 3 forms:1-Dried crushed leaves,sold in tea bag like packets.
2-Concentrated powderthe green powder is the crushed stevia leaves,
the white powder is the extract of stevia.The powder form is suitable to sweeten food and beverages.
3-Cncentrated liquid in color,it is 70 times sweetner than sugar;
it is used to sweeten tea and coffee.
STEVIA IS ALL NATURAL,SAFE AND HAS NO HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS.Stevia gained the FDA approval as afood additive.It isn't recommended that pregnant or breast feeding women use stevia